Atsushi YOGO

Associat Professor

Education, Degree

Kobe University, Faculty of Business Administration, B.A., March 2007
Kobe University, Graduate School of Business Administration, Ph.D., March 2014

Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Science, Okayama University, April 2014-March 2017
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Nagoya City University, April 2017-present

Research Fields

Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior

Research Interests

Job Grade System, Organizational Justice, Diversity Management

Selected Publications

“The Performance Appraisal and Fairness as Voluntary Turnover Factor: A nonlinear effect and its inhibition”, Japan Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol.14, No.2, pp.105-123, 2013 (in Japanese)
“1st: Leadership and Interaction”, in Y. Matsuda & D. Fujii (eds.), Readings Organizational Management, Okayama University Press, pp.1-19, 2014 (in Japanese)
“The Influence of Management’s Work-Life Balance on the Organizational Behavior of Employees in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: Empirical Analysis Focusing on Spillover and Crossover Effects”, Kobe University Discussion Paper Series, 2017-04, pp.1-13, 2017.