NCU founded the Graduate School of Economics in 1968. Since then, this school has fulfilled its role as a training institution for researchers, producing a large number of graduates as university faculty members. In 1989, the school started the first evening school (Master’s Program) for working professionals in Japan. In 2005, the school reformed and opened an evening Doctoral Program where working professionals are able to study in a Doctoral curriculum. A large number of students, including working professionals, have graduated from this school.

In this respect, NCU has achieved outstanding results for society as an advanced academic and professional training institution. In an effort to make a constructive and creative academic environment, the school allows students to earn their Master’s Program by submitting research papers developed from topics dealt with in lectures. In addition, the school provides special lectures by successful professionals in their respective business areas. In 2016, the school started a new program, “Course of Economics and Management in Health,” to provide medical personnel. In collaboration with the Graduate School of Medical Sciences, the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the University Hospital, this course provides professional research and education for solving economic and management problems in medical institutions.

Special Features

1. Graduate School for a Wide Range of Students

We welcome/accept a wide range of students including foreign students and mature students. In 1989 NCU was the first university in Japan to offer a master’s program to students returning to university after they had gained work experience. Since then, more than 300 of these students have completed their master’s degrees.

2. Both Daytime and Evening-Classes are Available

We deliver all subjects both daytime and evening. So normally, you can take all the subjects you need in two years.

3. Research Paper

You can submit one “research paper” instead of the master’s thesis. The research paper is a kind of term paper written on a specific subject under the intensive guidance of your advisors.

4. Practical Education by Leaders of Business and Local Community

We also offer “workshops” or a series of seminars provided by active leaders of the business and local community. For instance, in 2008 we carried out a workshop under the theme of “The Voices of Top Management in the Tokai Area” by the lecturers invited from Chubu Electric Power, Menicon, Inax, and so on.