Goals and Philosophy of Education: The educational objective of the Faculty of Economics is to produce experts who have a profound knowledge of economics and management on the basis of a wide range of general education and are able to find flexible and proper solutions to the practical problems of our society.

The Department of Public Policy in Economics

The Department of Public Policy in Economics covers an area of knowledge that examines the definition and making of policy and the social and political processes involved in policy making of the central and local governments. Today the roles of the governments are becoming more and more important in society since the structure of the market has become complex and the economy has been decentralized. When we consider the future society and economy, it is extremely important to obtain a basic understanding of economics and its application to the analysis of policy in terms of measures, goals and consequences. Furthermore, it is also indispensable for private firms and NPOs to analyze and evaluate the influence of the public policies on the economy in order to make their management policies and strategies.

Our department aims at producing experts who understand the basic concepts and tools of policy analysis, and are able to evaluate the effects of public policies or to make the management policies of private firms. For this purpose, we offer a program to study basic and applied economics systematically. The graduates are expected to be public officials, business people and social workers who are involved in policy making, the practical implementation of policy, and the analysis of policy in terms of goals and consequences.

The Department of Management System

In the present world, the development of information technology and the globalization of economy change the interrelations among various organizations and institutions, such as corporations, regional communities, nation states and international society, and affect the method of management.

The Department of Management System offers a range of opportunities to study the management systems of various organizations from the viewpoints of business administration, institutional economics and economic history. In the field of business administration, students study and discuss the following matters: organizations, the creation of new businesses, the construction of brand strategy, and the management system of human resources. In the field of institutional economics and economic history, students research and understand not only the systems of corporations but also those of regional communities, nation states and international societies which surround the corporations, from historical and institutional viewpoints.

Our world changes rapidly, therefore, it needs professionals who can synthetically grasp the complicated economic and business phenomena on the basis of theories which have been hitherto advocated. The department enriches the curriculums where students can study the actual economic and business phenomena through various experiences. Through such curriculums, the department aims to produce graduates who can grasp and solve various problems.

The Department of Accounting and Finance

The Department of Accounting and Finance provides theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the fields of accounting and finance.

Finance is concerned with raising, using and investing capital efficiently in order to support economic activity, and accounting is concerned with the disclosure and analysis of financial information to investors and the decision making of corporate information to managements. Recent major changes of the regulations in accounting in Japan and the innovation of financial technology cause strong demand for specialists in the field of accounting and finance. From this point of view, this department is designed for students who want to develop their ability to understand and to analyze the current issues and problems in accounting and finance, and aims to turn out young people who can contribute to society.

In this department, students will learn basic theories and applied skills of accounting and finance fields together with information technology and quantitative analysis, which are important tools to study various issues and problems in accounting, finance and business management. The outstanding performance of our graduates in various sectors of the economy, such as financial institutions, manufacturing and public service continues to reflect the serious commitment of this department.