Message from the Dean

Welcome to our schools of Economics

The School of Economics at Nagoya City University was founded in 1964, the year of the Tokyo Olympic Games, which was the symbol of the revival of the Japanese economy after World War II. Since then, it has graduated over 10,000 students. Our Faculty mission has been to educate economically-gifted students to serve the Tokai economic area surrounding Nagoya City and the wider world as well.

Our school has three departments in three major fields: Public Policy, Management System, and Accounting and Finance. Education in Public Policy is based on Economics and aims to produce executive officers for public and business sectors to lead the way in developing proper public policies and management strategies. The Management System is expected to produce managers for private businesses and various social systems with an excellent knowledge of business administration and/or social history and institutions. The Accounting and Finance Department aims to produce experts in accounting and finance, based on accounting and/or information technology and mathematical-financial analysis. These departments are not rigidly separated, so students are free to study various subjects in the departments in accordance with their own interests.

The Graduate School of Economics was established in 1968 and now has two major fields, Economics and Management. The school offers master’s degrees and doctorates in Economics and Management. Students in the master’s and doctorate course are regularly 40 and 5 per fiscal year, respectively. In the master’s course, we accept adult students with genuine social experience of more than three years, and students from other countries as well as native Japanese. Half of our students are adults and about one fourth from abroad, coming mainly from China, Korea and other Southeast Asian countries. Most of the lectures in the master’s course are in Japanese simply since Japanese students are the majority.

We welcome people worldwide who wish to study in our under-graduate and graduate school programs.

Noriyoshi NAKAYAMA, Professor
Dean, Graduate School of Economics / Faculty of Economics, Nagoya City University