Education, Degree

Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University (Apr., 2000–Mar., 2005)
PhD in Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi Univ., Mar., 2005
Faculty of Commerce, Doshisha University (Apr., 1989–Mar., 1993)
BA in Commerce, Doshisha Univ., Mar., 1993

Professional Experience

Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Nagoya City University (Apr., 2004–Present),
Invited Researcher, Center for Research on Economic Analysis (Center for Research in Economics and Management at Present), University of Luxembourg (Jul., 2012–Oct., 2012)
Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Chiba Keizai University (Apr., 2008–Mar., 2014)
Visiting Fellow, Center on Japanese Economy and Business, Columbia University (Aug., 2008–Jul., 2009)
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics, Chiba Keizai University (Apr., 2005–Mar., 2008)
Regular Member, Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Astellas Pharma Inc. at present, Apr., 1993–Apr., 2000)

Research Fields

Macroeconomics, Open-economy Macroeconomics, International Money and Finance, Monetary Policy

Research Interests

Monetary Policy in an Open Economy, Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy and Quantitative Easing and Zero Lower Bound

Selected Publications

“How Important is Fiscal Policy Cooperation in a Currency Union” Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 38, Jan., 2014, 266–286.
(with Masataka Eguchi, Hiroshi Gunji and Tomomi Miyazaki) “Optimal Monetary Policy in an Estimated Local Currency Pricing Model,” Advances in Econometrics, 28, Nov., 2012, 39–79.
“Has Inflation Targeting Improved Social Welfare in Practice?” Applied Economics Letters, 15, Jan., 2008, 23–26.