Education, Degree

Nagoya City University, Faculty of Economics, B.A. March 1987
Nagoya City University, Graduate School of Economics, Ph.D March 2002

Professional Experience

Assistant, Faculty of Humanities, Hirosaki University, April 1991
Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Nagoya City University, October 1996
Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Nagoya City University, February 2006-present

Research Fields

Financial Accounting

Research Interests

Pension Accounting Information, Earnings Management

Selected Publications

Determinants of Japanese Corporate Pension Coverage, Journal of Economics and Business, Vol.54, No.5, 2002, pp.537-555
Japanese Corporate Pension Plans and the Impact on Stock Prices, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Vol.70, No.2, 2003, pp.249-268
Determinants of Defined-Contribution Japanese Corporate Pension Coverage, The Japanese Accounting Review, Vol.2, 2012, pp.33-47

Professional Services and Other Activities

Executive Editor, Contemporary Disclosure Research, November 2007 – March 2012