Masaharu USUKI


Education, Degree

1981 B.A, in Law, University of Tokyo
2003 Ph.D. in Commerce, Graduate School of Commerce, Senshu University

Professional Experience

1981- 1986 Officer, Long-term Credit Bank of Japan, Inc.
1986- 1998 Economist, Long-term Credit Bank of Japan and LTCB Research Inc.
1998- 2011 Senior Economist, NLI Research Institute Inc.
2011- Professor, Faculty of Economics, Nagoya City University

Research Fields

Finance and Investment, Pension Management

Research Interests

Risk Management in Pension Investment, Private Pension’s Role in Old-Age Income Security

Selected Publications

“Application of Liability Driven Investment (LDI) Strategy in Japan. Can it be a solution to bail out defined benefit pension plans?”, Securities Analyst Journal
No.5, Vol.45., pp. 45-59, 2007.,
“Pension Funds and Retirement Benefits in a Depressed Economy: Experience and Challenges in Japan”in Retirement Provision in Scary Markets, pp. 187-210. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2007
“Risk Management and Pension Plan Choice in Japan”, in Reinventing the Retirement Paradigm, pp.261- 277. Oxford University Press, 2005

Professional Services and Other Activities

2010- Board Member of Nippon Finance Association
2009- Member of Investment Committee, Federation of National Public Service Personnel Mutual Aid Association
2008- Member of Investment Committee in Government Pension Investment Fund
2007- Member of CMA Examination Committee, Securities Analyst Association, Government Pension Investment Fund
2006- Member of Investment Committee, National Federation of Mutual Aid Association for Municipal Personnel