Associate Professor

Education, Degree

Doshisha University Faculty of Economics, B.A. March 1993
Osaka University Graduate School of Economics, Ph.D. March 2004

Professional Experience

Pre/Post doctoral fellow, Faculty of Economics, Kyoto Sangyo University, December 2001-March 2005
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics, Nagoya City University, April 2005-March 2007
Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Nagoya City University, April 2008-present

Research Fields

Experimental Economics, Law and Economics, Public Economics

Research Interests

Anti-monopoly law, Leniency Program, Charitable Behavior

Selected Publications

Does the Varian Mechanism Work?–Emissions Trading as an Example, International Journal of Business and Economics, vol. 2, pp.85-96, 2003. (with S. Maitani, and T. Saijo)
Cross-National Gender Differences in Behavior in a Threshold Public Goods Game: Japan versus Canada,” Journal of Economic Psychology, vol.28, pp.242-260, 2007. (with B. Cadsby, T. Kawagoe, E. Maynes, and F. Song)
Group Size Effects on Cartel Formation and the Enforcement Power of Leniency Programs, Internationa Journal of Industrial Organization, 2009. (with T. Kawagoe and A. Shibata)
The Effect of Whistle-blowing Incentives on Collusion: an Experimental Study of Leniency Programs, Southern Economic Journal, vol.84, pp.1024-1049, 2018. (with N. Feltovich)

Professional Services and Other Activities

Committee member for garbage reduction project in Nagoya City, August 2006-August 2008